Food & Beverage

MDT provides process design, applied chemical engineering services and turnkey plant for production of high quality extra neutral alcohol, vodka, brandy, distillates, rum, fruit and vegetables concentrates, starting from the most different raw materials, such as cereals, sugar beet and cane, grapes, fruits, etc.


To satisfy the fuel ethanol market growth, MDT developed proprietary technologies for process plant optimization. MDT offers design and plants using, among the others, the following technologies: Molecular sieves; Extractive distillation plant using MEG; Azeotropic distillation plant using cyclohexane, etc.

Chemical & Pharma

For the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries MDT supplies process design and plants for a wide variety of production, such as pharmaceutical alcohol, surgical alcohol, absolute alcohol, solvents recovery, tartaric acid, furfural alcohol.

Engineering services

MDT offers consulting and engineering activities to help the customer to find out the most suitable solutions to his exigencies.
MDT dedicated professionals can handle projects from technological proposal through to detailed design, plant and equipment specifications.